Choosing the Right Educational Institution

With so many educational institutions and courses offered in the UK, it will be difficult to decide where to, and what to, study. Moreover, different universities and colleges offering higher education have different strengths and weaknesses you have to learn about before making your choice.

To help you decide on the best institution and course for yourself, you will have to refer to various sources of information, evidence and data about teaching and research like the websites of the University and College Admissions Service, Unistats and the Quality Assurance Agency.

You can also find out the latest information about courses from individual colleges and universities through their prospectus and publications. Visit universities and colleges on open days and if you are an international student, attend a British Council seminar to learn more about your education opportunities.

If you can’t do any of the above, you can always speak to people who know something about the course you are interested in. After gathering information about the topics covered in a course, its duration, its fees and the additional costs you have to bear to study these courses, you have to think carefully and logically and make your decision by comparing the pros and cons of all your choices.

About tier 4 students visas

Once you have chosen your university or college, and have submitted an application, you find that it is rather easy to get a student visa for yourself. In addition to the confirmed offer from the university, you have to prove your financial support for tuition fees and living costs in the UK to get a visa. You will also have to submit some personal information and your academic qualifications with your application.

With this fixed, you can use the help of visa counsellors with the visa procedure and also with help in living and working in the UK. Usually, you will receive a visa for the complete UK course. And most of the student visas offered in the UK are all multi entry visas.

The new point based UK immigration service fourth tier visa is catered to overseas students looking for a chance to study in the UK. These visas replace the UK student visa and require the educational body in question to take more responsibility of the student they permit to study in their institution.

This visa is basically more user friendly for those looking to study in the UK and requires a certificate of sponsorship from the educational institution that has accepted the student. The visa will let the student complete their course at their specified institutions while taking into account the time required for concluding affairs and attending graduation.

Although there is no need of getting a new application for changing from one course to another in the same institution, if there is a change of sponsor or if an extension is required on the UK tier visa, a new application has to be made.

However this new visa system is not a route to get a settled status in the UK, does not let you apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK or give you permanent residency. This is because this Tier 4 visa is a temporary immigration service that is served with a purpose in mind and does not make you a UK citizen.