Guide to Studying In the UK for Overseas Student

If you are thinking of studying abroad, one of the best countries to consider for your studies is the UK. At present, there are students from more than 180 countries studying in the UK for the many benefits offered here.

The greatest reason and benefit for students choosing the UK for their studies is its education quality. Degrees here are recognised all over the world; by other universities, employers and governments and have a great standard of research and teaching.

Why people head to the UK for higher studies

And in a bid to maintain this high quality of education, the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education monitors UK universities and maintains these standards. An additional benefit of choosing the UK for studies is that it offers a large range of careers that suits any career goal and interests.

Apart from offering excellent education in various courses, the UK is a very interesting place to live in. Being a country of diverse cultures with people from all over the world living there, many students look forward to living in the UK. This is also a country of contrasts with cosmopolitan cities buzzing with activity and quieter, small towns and villages.

Moreover, after studying in the UK, you develop good language skills by chatting with friends and attending seminars and lectures. With English being the most important language in the world, these language skills prove beneficial to anyone, anywhere in the world. There are also many universes offering language support to international students who need it.

With most undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the UK being shorter than most countries, tuition fees and living expenses are reduced dramatically. UK universities also let international students work a maximum of 20 hours a week while studying in the UK. This provides extra money to handle your escalating student costs and of course, valuable work experience.

In addition to all this, international students studying here for a minimum of six months or are from an European Economic Area are entitled to free healthcare through the National Health Service, where they get same benefits as UK citizens.